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  • Terms of Use

    Any use of this website is guided by these terms of use ("Terms") and you as user ("User"), whether having an account or not, agree to all Terms set forth in the following for the use of this website ("YouWorldTree"), including but not limited to its applications and its software as provided by AIV Technology LLC (the "Company"). These Terms are legally binding for the use of YouWorldTree (the "Agreement"), including the services of the Company and the posted information (the "Content"). It also includes your rights and obligations, especially in regards of protecting your and other users' security and privacy (see also Privacy Policy and Protecting Children). If you have concerns, questions or comments to this Agreement, please contact YouWorldTree .

  • Disclaimer (the website "YouWorldTree") is a service of AIV Technology LLC (the "Company"), which is not liable in any way for any use of this website or any materials and data being submitted to this site in material as well as causal or any other relationship to any other event. You must be 13 years or older for creating an account, creating your own family tree or joining a family tree ("Family Tree"), and are not allowed using this site in any kind of fashion harmful to minors. The company will not distribute or sell your name, picture or email address in order to protect your privacy and prevent spamming. The Company will not distribute or provide to third parties any submitted information, data, pictures or any other uploaded and posted materials (see also Privacy Policy). No other user of this site can see your Family Tree and information except being specifically authorized by you. Only you as owner of a Family Tree can invite other users to see and contribute to your tree. Any user authorized by you to invite other users must do so in fullest accordance with the Policy. None of the information you provide is publically searchable. The Company does not claim any ownership of any submitted, posted and published material and has no responsibility for any action of any user of this site. It does not allow sexually explicit or pornographic or offensive material to be submitted, displayed and distribute. Following accepted policies for social websites, the Company has no obligation but reserves the right at its sole discretion to screen from time to time submitted images, data and materials for violation of this Policy and remove all identified not adherent materials without notice. It can ban for whatever reason at its sole discretion Users who violates the Terms and owners of unacceptable materials from further use of the site in possible coordination with appropriate local, national and other authorities.


    You must read the entire content of the Policies and must stop using this site immediately in the event of any disagreement with any of the Content of the site or Policies.

  • Further Terms

    This Agreement may be changed at any time and the updated Agreement ("Revision") will be posted here. Please check for Revisions as obligated in the Login page before using YouWorldTree. You agree that the information you provide when creating in YouWorldTree your account is accurate and truthful, does not violate any applicable law or regulations, and that you will maintain this information, including your full name, age and e-mail address. You also agree to protect the confidentiality of your password and not to reveal it to any third party.

    You may opt out of receiving from YouWorldTree e-mail notices on service-related issues, but you must agree to receive e-mail notices required by law instead of written notices send by postal mail. YouWorldTree will not send you advertisement, merchandise solicitations or any other commercial items or goods. It is your own sole responsibility to contact advertisers and respond to their communication.

    YouWorldTree may collect some information from you when you are interacting with the website but use it for the sole purpose of providing you with a better user experience in moving between the pages, for improving the functionality of the site and detecting malfunctions. The company will not use this information for any commercial purposes.

    You agree to use YouWorldTree solely for your own personal communication with members and guests and make every effort to protect their privacy. If you invite other account holders as members of your tree or as guests your bare the sole responsibility that these persons do not use the site contrary to the Policy. If you are aware of any misuse of the site by any person you must immediately notify YouWorldTree and communicate all details of the possible policy breach. YouWorldTree may cancel the accounts of users and delete all materials posted by them if it gets aware of violations of the Policy. This is especially of concern if minors could be put at risk (see also Privacy Policy and Protection of Children). However, the Company has no obligation to screen the submitted and posted materials for adherence to the Policy. It will do so at its own discretion from time to time but not in a regular fashion.

    You maintain ownership to all Content that you post, including data, information, pictures and multi-media and you must guaranty that no copy-rights are violated by your postings. However, you must also warrant that you will not remove other members' posting except offensive content and minor corrections and additions. You may not copy, publish or disseminate beyond YouWorldTree any Content that you did not contribute. The Company will not claim any ownership rights to any of the materials you post in YouWorldTree and you cannot claim ownership to materials posted in YouWorldTree by other users.

    YouWorldTree uses technologies, software, processes and methods that are protected by trade mark right, copy-right and patent rights and reflect trade secrets and proprietary knowledge. You can only use the services provided by YouWorldTree for non-commercial purposes guided by the Policy excluding any commercial usage or sublicensing.

    In your interaction with the website you must use caution and appropriate means not to disseminate malicious programs (like, but not limited to, viruses, worms, Trojans and other software components) or expose the website to malicious attacks or spam. YouWorldTree is not responsible for any damage caused by such malicious intrusions irrespectively of their origin, function and reason.

    You agree that if there is cause for any claim, dispute or legal action regarding the use of YouWorldTree that this must be acted up within one year and must be handled in a state or federal court of the United States located in the City of New Haven, Connecticut. The company can demand instead to use arbitration using the services provided by the American Arbitration Association in New Haven, Connecticut. Under no circumstance can the Company and its officers be held liable for damages of any kind (including legal fees and lawyer fees) beyond the amount of your monetary transactions to the company.

    This Agreement is the only agreement that shall govern the relationship between you, YouWorldTree and the Company.

    If you have concerns, questions or comments to this Terms of Use, please contact YouWorldTree .

  • Privacy Policy

    YouWorldTree and the Company are very concerned about your privacy. Therefore we protect your data transmitted to YouWorldTree with 128-bit guaranteed encryption using a SSL Certificate. We protect your personal data through requiring a unique combination of e-mail address and password. This will make your data accessible and displayable only to you and users that you invite as members as well as visible - in a very limited way - to users that you invite as friends.

    You acknowledge that by using you send data to a site in the USA and that these data are being received by servers in the USA.

    When you visit the sites of advertisers you should be aware that they will collect information from you using cookies and other adware, IP addresses, web surfing habits and page usages, since you will leave the secure encrypted communication environment of YouWorldTree.

    YouWorldTree will collect limited information from the pages you are visiting within YouWorldTree in order to let you return to pages from wherever you originated within YouWorldTree. This internal tracing is used only to enhance the user experience of the site and to improve the site navigation. The advertisement managing companies that may be used within the publically accessible part of this website may also collect on demand of YouWorldTree within the password protected part of this website page usage information but this information will only be use by YouWorldTree to improve the site design and site navigation.

    If you have concerns, questions or comments to this Privacy Policy, please contact YouWorldTree .

  • Protection of Children

    A special concern of the Company and YouWorldTree is the protection of children from any harm whatsoever. One way of providing this protection is the enforced Policy that any account holder must by 13 years or older. Since the site promotes a family centered communication of genealogical and personal information it is required that the legal guardians supervise the use of the web site by dependants and use their own discretion in monitoring the accessed content for consistency with their own values and the site's Policy.

    In addition, every account holder must adhere to behavior that prevents harm to children. Caution has to be used to the content of data and information published in YouWorldTree. You should not provide the street addresses or e-mail addresses of children that are younger than 13 years.

    If you are aware of any misuse of the site by any person in a way you perceive as putting children at risk of harm you must immediately notify YouWorldTree and communicate all details of the possible policy breach. The company reserves the right at its own discretion to respond as outlined in the Agreement.

    Plenty of helpful advice can be found in websites dedicated to the Protection of Children. Please visit such sites for learning more about resources on the behaviors of predators and defensive and preventive precautions you can take.

    If you have concerns, questions or comments to this Protection of Children policies, please contact YouWorldTree .

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